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  • First Jharkhand based network working on safe mobility of women and intervening for counter trafficking with a Rights Based Approach.
  • Successful in introducing the concept of safe migration and mobility among village residents, various Govt. and non-Govt. stakeholders in Jharkhand.
  • JATN has clarity among all member organizations on the issue of safe mobility and women’s right issue.
  • The network has reached more than 20000 people with its message.
  • We have established 130 migrant forums at the community level to directly disseminate the message of safe migration and counter trafficking in Jharkhand.
  • All the 13 member organisations of JATN are working as information centre/help desk in 13 districts.
  • The network has been able to effectively work with the Anti-human Trafficking units (AHTUs).
  • JATN members are liaising with Govt. officials at block, district and state level for effective implementation of laws related to women’s rights.