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  • Capacity building and exchange learning visits of network members.
  • Peer review visit among the partner organizations.
  • Strategizing for visibility and credibility of network through Hoardings, wall writing strategy documents, meeting and orientation with various other groups, social media, and website.
  • Evidence gathering for policy influencing. State level consultations and dialogs with identified stakeholders.
  • Establishing relevant linkages for the survivors: Documentation, legal support, community-based rehabilitation.
  • Organizing state and national level consultation on safe migration.
  • Awareness drive on COVID 19 through all JATN activities.
  • Identification and psycho-social and legal support to survivors.
  • Formation of migrant forum in all targeted villages.
  • Strengthening migrant forum through regular training/ meeting, pre departure counselling and protecting the vulnerable from trafficking.
  • Phase wise training and capacity building of migrant forum.
  • Development of IEC material for education and knowledge dissemination for the community.