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Free from Human Trafficker

Free from Human Trafficker

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This story is about a girl who was smuggled into the hands of a human trafficker. After meeting the girl, it came to be known that the girl's father had died and her mother had remarried. Her mother had three sisters and a brother. She used to say again and again why are you not dying, then the child went to her mother's house, but even there her maternal uncle's children did not behave well with her, and always used to behave violently with her.

The maternal uncle also said that you go to your mother. At that time the girl did not understand what to do, then she had become a victim of human trafficking after reading under her pretext at the behest of a woman Alma, then freeing that girl from their clutches, the administration and the child With the help of Line, she was brought to her home in the district, but that girl had worked in that family for 2 years, she was not even given ₹ 1 to the girl, due to which the child became very discouraged and she was not even being allowed to come to her home.

After the girl came to her home, she contacted JATN and applied to the JATN with her maternal aunt. An attempt was made to talk to her contact number, but there was no phone call, then the organization forwarded by writing a letter for cooperation to the One-Stop Center from where her application was sent to Data and from there her application to the Labor Department. Forwarded and her case is currently under process. 

Also, that girl has been enrolled in Kasturba Vidyalaya with the help of the institution and she is studying there.