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Educating about the evils of Witch hunting

Educating about the evils of Witch hunting

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An old Adivasi woman Birumani was a target of witch-hunting by an individual in the Lohardaga district. It was under the jurisdiction of Mandara police station, Bipati village. Birumani’s fellow villagers Mahadev Oraon, father- late Bishu Oraon and Panchu Oraon, father- late Tenma Oraon conspired and killed her by tying her with electrical wires and dumped her in a well.

Birumani Oraon’s body was found 12 days later by the Mandara police station. After investigations, the two convicts were arrested and jailed. They were charged with section 302 201/34 of the Indian Penal Code.

Women in Jharkhand face gross violations and crimes at the hands of blind faith, witch hunt, tantric practices; etc. JATN is engaged to address these issues and make society educated and informed.