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Initiative of Migrant Forum gets adolescent girls back to studies

Initiative of Migrant Forum gets adolescent girls back to studies

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Five adolescents of village Kasdega of TukupaniPanchayat, (age – all of are about 18+) on mutual advice went to Bangalore in search of employment.  After reaching Bangalore, they realized that we will not get the work we deserve here.  With the passage of time, money also got spent.

Meanwhile, the Migrant Form of Village Kasdega got information about the incident.  The members of the Migrant Form interacted with the parents of the adolescent girls.  After talking to the parents, it was learned that the girls wanted to come back from Bangalore.  It was decided that the application should be given in the AHTU of the district.

 Parents were constantly talking to their daughters. The girls said that if money is sent to us, then we will come back.  We will not have any problem to return home.  The parents informed this to the members of the Migrant Forum.  The members of the Migrant Forum also spoke to the girls.  The girls were ready to come on their own.  In this situation it was decided to send money to them and the money was sent.  All the girls came back to their homes . After that a meeting was organised with the girls and their parents in the leadership of Migrant Form and a plan was prepared for their education and vocational training.