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Who We Are

Jharkhand Anti Trafficking Network a network of CSOs of Jharkhand working on Safe migration, Women’s right, gender issues, violence against women and gender equality issue since 1999 in Jharkhand state (earlier south Bihar). At present we are working in 13 districts of Jharkhand state through 13 network partner organizations covering 130 villages comprising schedule tribe, schedule caste, backward and minority class people. Also we have one legal and case work support organisation providing support to cases of trafficking and women’s right violation.




Promoting safe migration and counter trafficking also ensuring women’s right are the prime concern of the network and we have created Migrant forum in each village of all working 130 villages( In some villages it is in process) under this project. The involvement of Men, women boys and girls in the whole process bring awareness on the safe migration issues. The members of the group act as a promoter of change on safe migration and gender issues.

Women collectives and SHG at village level they have understanding on safe migration , gender and violence issues and they are dealing with the issues emerging of trafficking at villages also they are capable of doing counselling of cases and disputes at village level. Women groups are coming forward to take safe migration issues and especially child marriage issues at village level. They have made continuous efforts to build up healthy rapport with Govt. Department to avail the entitlements under government facilities. The groups have been effective at block level and have received support in helping women in accessing govt. facilities. A woman’s collective raising their voice in their community area and at block offices. They are doing awareness generation program to provide knowledge on the related issues with women. They are monitoring the gaps the implementation of schemes and services at village level. The tribal, backward and minority class women they are becoming aware on the issues and demanding their rights with the respective departments.

All the 13 organisations working as information centre on safe migration, women’s right and trafficking in their respective districts. People and community members they are getting relevant information on safe migration, violence on women related also the Govt. Schemes in the block/ area.