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Life turning actions

Life turning actions

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It is the case of the year 2015-2016 three adolescent Girls of Hafuwa Village went to attend the village fair with their maternal aunt. Maternal aunt misguided them and handed over the three girls to a Delhi-based agent in exchange for money. She trafficked the girls in compliance with the agent.

This case was discovered during one of the JATN meetings atHafuwa. After fact findings and verification at JATN’s end, reports proved that the maternal aunt had traded the three girls by taking money.

Social worker, Anita Mishra from Lok Prerna Kendra under JATN Project initiated action on this case. She pushed for FIR registration against the traffickers and the rescue of girls from Delhi.

Following an FIR lodging at Simariya Police Station, the identified Trafficker woman was arrested. All three girls were rescued from New Delhi and came back to Simariya block at Hafuwa village at their home safely. They are free from physical and economic exploitation. They were motivated by Anita Devi to do income generation activities at the local /family level. 

All three girls have started to participate in tailoring training at Simariya. They are now trained and are learning financial autonomy by earning 2000-3000/ month to support their family. JATN partner organization LPK ensures the regular follow-up of all survivors.